Affiliate Program



Contact us directly if you are a Dropshipper!



Who Can Join Our Affiliate Program?

You are able to join our program either you are an influencer or a buyer!

- Influencers

Two ways for influencers to work with us:

1. A special discount is offered for you to purchase the product you are interested to review, it's decided after we have a close look at your channel or whatever social medias you are using. ( the spent on the review unit costed from us will be refunded if your video/blog/post brings us more than 3 sales, so you aren't losing anything.)

2. A free sample is offered for you to review our product.

To join our affiliate program, you will need to contact us to set up everything.

- Buyers

You will see an invitation after you have placed the order on the Thank You Page and you will be automatically registered as our affiliate by clicking on Activate & Get My Link, then you are ready to get a 10% commission back on all orders with the link (you will get the commission once people have purchased orders through your link.) 


  • Commission rate of 10% on all sales.
  • Current average order size of $55.00.
  • Cookie duration time - 30 Days.

Things you need to know about your commission:

  • You will receive your commission only after reaching a dollar amount of $30.
  • You will be paid only via PayPal.
  • Your commission will be removed when sales from your video are cancelled/refunded within the return policy window.

What's Not Allowed?

  • Negative Commentary: Affiliates are not allowed to tweet negatively about the merchant's brand.
  • Fake Order: Affiliates are not allowed to make fake orders for the commission, he who does it will be blocked and there is no way to get his commission!


We believe that the harder we work, the more we earn.